We been doing a project on saving animals. And it was cool! I want to do it again. The big people have to do save, the middle do endangered. And the little people do animals my taecher was the s. We raised 700$!






On my weekend I was asleep until 10:30 in the morning! But we did't had breakfast. I watched t.v. In the living room. The show was called cat in the hat. Then I was playing with my cousin. We was playing school, catch, and last but not least chase.


I skipped with Marcie and David. They live on a boat. They was at western Austria!!! The boat was called the nine of cups. It was fun! Then looked at photos! They were nice my favorite one was the dolphins. And they had been to 6







On my week I went to my aunt's house. My cousin's name was Caleb. I spend the night at his house. Me and Caleb was spending the whole night on my tablet. Util we got tired we went to sleep. But I was snoring to loud so Caleb woke me up to remind me. He did it in a whisper voice. So I went back to sleep. But I was on the floor!


The life cycle of an butterfly is first they turn in a butterfly






A good trade is one were both people feel like they won. It was like shopping! I will never forget that memory.


On Saturday my mom took me to a ice cream place. Then we went to sprint. Then I went home. Then I asked my dad if I could have popcorn. Then I saw a movie in Robert's room. So I watched it with my popcorn. Then Robert had a pet snake! But if my mom find out she is going to flip out!